About sanderao

Sanderao is a village in Pali District of Rajasthan state in India. It lies 16 km north west of Bali town. It was founded by Yasobhadra in the tenth century. This place was governed by Ranawat rulers of Udaipur. There are two old Jain temples of Mahavira and Parshva nath a here. Sanderaka gachchha was founded here by Jain saint Yasobhadra Suri here in the tenth century. Many do visit Holy Pilgrimage Shri Nimbodanathji Shiv Temple. Sanderao history is incomplete without Sanderao Thakore Family & Sanderao Nagar Seths.Today Sanderao is an important junction of many road routes of the area. The nearest railway station is Falna.

Shri Sanderao Jain Teerth

Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan (Tirthankar) in white color, seated in a lotus posture, of height 75 Cms located in a shrine in the village Sanderao. This shrine is believed to be 2500 years old. A reference is found that during the rule of Raja Gandharvsen, the idol of Sri Parshvanath Bhagwan was installed and ceremonially consecrated in this temple as the Presiding Deity. On one “Parikar” in the temple there is an inscription which states that in Vikram year 969 at the time of renovations, the idol of Sri Mahavir Bhagwan was installed and ceremonially consecrated as the Presiding Deity. There after in16th Vikram century at the time of renovations once again, a reference is available which states that the idol of Sri Shanthinath Bhagwan ( Tirthankar ) brought here from some where else was installed and consecrated. This idol is still present as the Presiding Deity and the idol has no inscription thereon. Ancient idols of both previous Presiding Deity are today present in the temple. Below the idol on one Acharya in this temple there is an inscription dated Vikram year 1197. There are ancient underground cells also in the temple. After the fall and destruction of Vallabhi, it is said that, many things were brought here. In ancient times, a store house of scriptures is believed to be existing here. History of this place being very ancient, it is possible that if proper excavations are carried out, many valuable articles of historical significance including relics of art will be found here.

Sanderao Gachchha was founded here during 10th Vikram century. It is said that in Vikram year 969, at the time of ceremonial installation festival after repairs and renovations of the temple, Acharya Sri Yashobhadrasurishvarji by his Yogic powers had commandeered necessary quantity of ghee from a trader at Pali about which the trader himself did not know and later on when people from Sanderao sent the amount being the price of the ghee to the trader of Pali, the latter did not accept the amount as not belonging to him. Finally the whole amount which came to be nine lakhs of rupees was spent in building a temple at Pali which temple still stands today as “Navlakha Temple”. The idol of the Presiding Deity in this temple is a great worker of miracles. Some times the Guardian Deity of Sri Parshva nath Bhagwan Sri Dharnendra appears in the temple in the form of a cobra. Opposite the temple is an Upashraya, there is the seat of Manibhadra Yaksh where also many miracles happen from time to time. Every year on Vaishakh Sukla 6, the dhvaja ceremony of the temple takes place.

The architecture of this temple is unique. The temple is 6 feet below the ground level. During rains a great amount of water gets collected in the temple. In the temple chowk (a built up area within the temple) there is a hole from which all this water gets drained away. How this happens and where does the water ultimately go, nobody has been able to know till date. The idol itself is very pleasant and beautiful to see.


For Sanderao the nearby railway station of Falna is 13 km away from where buses and taxis are available. The public bus – stand is 200 meters from the Rawla & temple. Bus and cars can go up to the Rawla & temple.

Sanderao Rawla

Sanderao Rawla sort of palace alike of sanderao village. Rawla are supposed to be of 60 to 70 rooms building located in the centre of the city where Thakore Joint family used to say . It was built by Maharaja Sajjan Singhji. The construction began in 1908 and it was complited 1919.Sanderao Palace has 61 Rooms. Today the thakur of Sanderao lives in Sanderao rawla. King used to appoint few Rajputs Thakore singh to collect taxes on their behalf & render same to King, Usually Thakore used to be eldest son in Family.

Royal Family of Sanderao

Sanderao’s royal family was of Ranawat who migrated from Udaipur. They defeated the Chauhan s of Sanderao in sixteenth century and establish the Rule of Ranawats . Maharajah Sardul Singhji was the first Ranawat King of Sanderao.

Thakore's of Sanderao

In Twentieth century Sanderao progressed on its Peak under the Rule of Thakore Sahab Sajjan Singhji. Thakore Sahab Sajjan Singhji had three sons and one daughter. The Last Ruler of Sanderao was Thakur Sahab Takhat Singhji (B.A, L.L.B). Thakur Sahab Takhat Singhji had four sons and four daughters. Now the family of Thakore Sahab Takhat Singhji lives in Sanderao Palace (Rawla). Those days King used to appoint capable personalities as thacker & grant them 23 villages control . Today Thakore sahab Takhat singhji is trustee of Famous Nimboda nathji Shiv Temple.

Sanderao Nagar Seth : Chimnatilok Kanku Chopra

Sanderao’s nagar Sheth was Chimnatilok Kanku Chopra who migrated from Bikaner. They were business tycoon & had cordial relations with King of Jodhpur. Chinatilok Kanku Chopra family played main role in laying strong foundation of sanderao on Gorwar region. Chimnatilok had two kids one son Sagarmalji & one daughter . Sagarmalji had five sons & three daughters . His son Shri Tejraj_Dedavat (Kanku_Chopra) was Oswal jain society’s biggest tycoon ever born & most influential jain often called as Bhamashah as respect who was bombay umbrella market establisher, Mumbai Umbrella Market King M/s Oswal Umbrellas , freedom fighter , great scholar on Buddhism, Vedanta Philosophy, Christianity, Islam,Western Philosophy, Jainism , Yoga, Numerology, Astrology, occultism, Ayurveda, Law, Meditation, Reiki. Tejrajji built many dharmshalas, donated for many temples , schools , colleges & was core committee member in many institutions. He was film financer for Film Personalities like Raj Kapoor, Hema Malini , Viswajit , etc & he used to finance many jain community layman too. He was President of Sanderao Jain Sangh. In Rajasthani Oswal jain society one fails to find such an individuality like Tejraj Sagarmalji Dedavat who was versatile in terms of money power , charismatic personality , highly socially active , Highly intellectual Scholar on Various Subjects whose presence was felt like a roaring lion. Tejraj Dedavat played main pioneer role for biggest institute of Gorwar region Shri Parswanath Ummed Shikshan Sangh,Falna (falna college) in Pali district at Rajasthan (Privileged Education Institute of Oswal Jains) . Sanderao had blessings of Phakkad maharaj , Pujya Shri Vallabh Duttji Muni great disciple of Acharya Shri Vallabh Suriji.

Maharaja Ummedsingh & Kanku Chopra Family

Tejraj Dedavat (Kanku Chopra) 's Joint family had invited King of Jodhpur , to Sanderao & constructed a building for stay of His Highness. On same occasion his Father Sagarmalji kanku chopra donated King Money, gemstones weighing Kings Weight along with Elephants, horses. King was pleased by this & honoured their family with Title of Dedavat & Sheth . He had very good close cordial family relations with His Highness of Jodhpur Dynasty & had strong commanding hold. Like Bafnas had strong hold in Jaisalmer, Tejraj_Dedavat ji had Strong hold in Sanderao ,in Jodhpur , in Oswal Marwari Community & Umbrella Industry. Records of Jodhpur Naresh connection & kanku chopra parivar is mentioned in Bahi khatas of King & also at Hospital built by Nagar Seths Inauguration by Jodhpur Naresh is mentioned.

Thakore of Sanderao & Kanku Chopra Bond

When Tejraj Dedavat & Sagarmalji Kanku Joint Family had invited Maharajah Umaid Singhji , first thackers of sanderao said they will like the privilege to arrange stay of Maharajah in their Rawla . But since Kanku Chopras had very close friendship with thackers , that they insisted that they will construct a haveli for stay of Maharajah & thackers placed no objection . In fact all know that friendship of Thackers of Sanderao & Tejraj_Dedavat (Kanku_Chopra) was so much , that whenever Thackers best friend Tejrajji parivar needed support , Thackers of Sanderao where always there . Thackers & Nagar Seth Kanku Chopra played major role in Development of Sanderao & helping Basic Layman. In Those days Thakore of sanderao had been famous for their generosity & helping basic layman.

Sanderao Hospital

Sagarmalji Chimnatilok Kanku Chopra had donated Maharaja of jodhpur Umaid Singh ji a Hospital in name of Sagarmal Chimnatilok Chopra in 1940 constructed in Sanderao which was First Hospital of Pali-District, Rajasthan, India. Tejraj_Dedavat ’s elder brother Ganeshmalji had died at age of 21 years in absence of medical facilities which motivated to him and his family towards social acts.